The Distractions at Servandos a Promotional Video by SRQ Productions

The Distractions Live - A Promotional Video by John MacKay

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Been Distracted?

You will be when you check out The Distractions! Bradenton / Sarasota/ Tampa Bay...Southwest Florida's most eclectic band plays it all: rock, pop, blues, jazz, dance and, yes, even country (new country, of course, which is really just rock disguised as country). A variety of music and distractions from the 70’s to the millennium.  Many of these songs were about Love and Good Times, positive upbeat songs that will have your foot tapping as well as Singing Along to the Catchy Melodies. The songs are also Very Danceable and Appeal to a wide variety of age groups spanning Generations.

The Distractions are an Energetic trio featuring the talents of Lead Vocalist / Keyboardist Michelle DeLorme, Stylistic Guitars and Mandolin of Johnny V., and a menagerie of Percussion, Bass, and Vocals from Conga Dave.

Want us to learn your favorite song? Send us an email and we'll learn it! See you at the next show!